Monday, October 24, 2011

Art work for Rehma's Room.

This piece was ordered by a very nice couple Amrin and Ahmed. They needed an art work for their daughter's nursery. At the time of this post, she is not born yet but may Allah bring her into this world with health and prosperity. They needed a focal point for her nursery. They plan on naming their daughter Rahma Khadija Mohiuddin. I suggested verse 24 from Chapter 17 of Quran. The translation of that verse is "Oh Lord! Grant to them your Mercy as they cared for me when I was little". This is a beautiful prayer from kids to their parents. Another beauty of this verse is that it contains the word Rahma (Mercy), the name of the daughter. They loved this idea and I started working on it. As usual it started with a sketch. Pic attached:
Possible color choices were Pink, purple, beige, off white. I chose a hand made paper which has a unique texture. And the calligraphy started:

Next step was to highlight this script. I used Liquid Acrylic ink to add some colors to it.

So the Arabic part is ready to go. For background, I chose another hand made off white paper. I wrote translation on it using Speedball C-2 nib and black Liquid Acrylic with a hint of brown. Style of script is flourished Italics script.

Now, it was time to frame and finalize it. The frame size was 18x24. Here are the pics of final product:

Thanks for visiting this post. Feel free to ask any questions. Good bye until next art work.!

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