Saturday, November 26, 2011

Calligraphy, a way to capture emotions.

I love my calligraphy hobby (and part-time business). Not only it gives me a chance to express myself, it also provides an opportunity to capture people's emotions. It is amazing how much emotions and feelings people try to communicate via a custom art work. One of the most precious relationship is between a brother and sister. Being blessed with a wonderful and sweet sister, I really appreciate sweet gestures between a brother and sister.
I received a request for mini painting from Josie to her brother Nathan. When I communicated with her I could tell how much she adored her brother. She wanted it to say "Beloved Brother" in Arabic. Well, I don't speak Arabic so I was not sure how to write "Beloved brother" in Arabic. But long live Google Translate. That problem was solved. She needed Orange/Red background with black writing. She also requested a tiny custom note. I gladly put extra effort as an appreciation for this relationship. Please provide your thoughts and comments.

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